These predictions are only to provoke lively conversation. They are NOT meant as recommendations.

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After a huge jump in the polls by Bernie Sanders, in one week, the S&P 500 falls 300 points in the span of 10 days.

Treasury Bond Futures

A shift to fiscal policy, from monetary, all over the world, leads to a huge spike in inflation. The treasury bond market falls apart, and tests 2007 levels.

Wheat Futures

A huge drought leads to huge moves in commodities, with wheat futures almost doubling.

Corn Futures

Corn almost triples from recent levels.


CMG is taken completely by surprise of the huge surge in input costs. Not able to pass the cost increases to consumers, the stock loses 50 percent of its value.


Bitumen, the futures underlying asphalt, go parabolic, as countries around the world shift to huge infrastructure projects.


Warren Buffett, after looking at Brecher’s crazy ideas about inflation, decides to go on a commodity buying spree, buying out U.S. Steel, MOS, and BG.


Warren Buffett also listens about the huge shift to infrastructure spending, and buys either VMC or MLM. Both are materials stocks.


Elon Musk, realizing his comapny, TSLA, is being valued as a technology, not a car company, decides to buy out GM at 60, using his high priced stock. GM’s success with the 2020 Corvette also helps his decision.