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/ES forming an hourly H&S top. Note how poorly it worked off the hourly oversold MACD.


We did well shorting some NQ stocks when NQ got too far away from hourly ATR trailing stop. However, NQ still stuck in a channel.

Russell 2000 Futures

/RTY also working on an hourly H&S. Support is the downside H&S objective.

Most Anticipated Earnings This Week


AAPL too far from daily 9 EMA. Last time it was this far away, it “reverted” to the 9 EMA within 3 days.


If AVGO doesn’t hold 315, it could test the 310 gap. Note it already did earlier today, but acted poorly all afternoon.


If DE doesn’t hold 163, there is little support on the way down.


Another economically sensitive stock with a potential H&S top. Almost all of the similar patterns are working off their hourly oversold MACD’s.


CRSP still oversold on a daily chart, but overbought on an hourly. It is still a buy on dips.