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Even though bonds have been nailed, it will be hard for them to mount an extended rally till commodities calm down. The Bloomberg Commodity index is almost at new weekly highs.


Long term /ZB support.


The /ES could have a nother rally. But the weekly MACD is overbought. That usually leads to a muted rally, or another sell-off.


/NQ also overbought on a weekly MACD. But many NQ stocks were deeply oversold.


Bitcoin’s rally today helped equity markets sentiment. But Bitcoin really is still in a big daily channel.

German DAX

Many world markets look like the DAX. Still under moving averages with a weekly overbought MACD.


ZM worked off the daily overbought MACD by staying above the ATR TS. After working off the NEAR TERM overbought MACD, this could fill the 121 gap.


SPLK also short term overbought. But it still looks like a buy on dips.


On a pre-holiday trading day, open interest affects stocks more. The biggest open interest in AAPL is 170.